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1 hour ago, Peromyscus said:

I consulted a guide, which I almost never do for this game

I use a guide now and then to help me with key features that I can't keep straight in my head. As an unrelated example, I know that leg colour can help separate some of the white herons/egrets, but I don't get enough exposure to memorize which leg colour goes with which species. If I saw a photo of a white egret's legs, I might use my guide to help me narrow down my options instead of guessing randomly. I try to solve it on my own, and sometimes I do just just guess randomly, but I'm not afraid to turn to the guide for help now and then when the mood strikes me.

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I looked at this, said what?, and guessed a species from a few days ago that I knew it couldn't be. For the second photo, I thought a little, and typed a species that I was pretty sure was also wrong. But that species was the actual answer!

birdie 🦉 #444: 🟥🟩⬛⬛⬛⬛


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