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Hello friends!

I am rolling out an...interesting...feature to birdiegame. Each game will now have a 'discussion' section. I promise I am not trying to replace you, but thought it would be fun to have a place to complain or brag about how easy the ID was in a centralized location. You can 'like' comments and you can also report them. I will personally review every reported comment. Let's hope it doesn't all go to crap...let me know if things start going south or you are seeing errors, my email is onemillionwords17@gmail.com.

Your score will automatically be shown next to your comment, unless you post the comment while the game is in 'The Vault'.

I'm pretty iffy on this feature so let me know if you hate it / like it and we can always change or get rid of it. It will probably show up on your devices over the next few hours/days.


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