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1 hour ago, Zoroark said:

birdie ? #80: ??

I have not seen this bird. The emoji that I got is appropriate.

@Birds are cool @Peromyscus @Quiscalus quiscula @IKLland @Colton V I'm guessing all of you had the same first guess as I did.

I’m wondering, is it possible to be sure which species it is first try or is it just luck for which one you guess first?

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7 hours ago, lonestranger said:

You have to give @Charlie Spencer a bit of a break here. He gets confused when there's that many young ladies around him and he forgets that they are all Doctors and Nurses who are there to help him when he gets delusional like this. 

I have an exact mental picture for this! My grandfather started gently flirting with his nurses in his last few years ("oh I'm doing quite fine to have a young lady with as nice a smile as yours looking after me", etc). But to him the young ladies were anyone his daughters' ages or younger, and he lived to be 98. The nurses pushing retirement were usually quite tickled by this sort of attention. 

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