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I don't want to put a damper on anyone's discussions about upcoming birding trips but I think it's prudent to remind people that revealing too much info online can be dangerous, including info about when we might be away from our homes for extended birding trips. Nefarious individuals, and organized groups, monitor discussion boards that might provide enough info to determine when and where to look for vacant targets. It wouldn't surprise me if this very forum is frequented by some people with nefarious intentions. After all, ANYONE can read our discussions and a forum about birding trips would be right up the alley of anyone looking for potential vacancies to burglarize, so be cautious that you don't draw the wrong kind of attention when planning your next birding trip.

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Don't create a personal hotspot named 'Home'.  Use a street, neighborhood, or political subdivision name.  Don't drop the spot right on your house; use a nearby major intersection.

Don't create the trip report until you get home, so the end date won't tell people how long you'll be gone.

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Not really for this reason but I often don't actually get around to posting my lists for as much as a week later so any location info is at least several days outdated.

Not a bad caution though - around us there have been cases of someone trolling the obituaries and showing up during the funeral. What a way to make someone's bad day awful ?

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