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Help identify this egg please!

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3 hours ago, Birds R Me said:

It is going to hatch. Do all songbirds have the same basic care?

If you're thinking of trying to raise the chick yourself, you should be aware that it's not legal to do that in the US unless you have a license. Please read the article at the top of this page (What to do if you find a baby bird) for more information.

All songbirds need warmth and food, as well as some hygiene/cleaning, but the don't all eat the same food, and it's far from easy for a human to provide that food. We can't eat live insects, birdseed, small animals, etc. and then regurgitate it into a baby bird's mouth every few minutes from dawn to dusk.

If the egg came from a nest, please return it to the nest so the parents can give it the proper care. If that's not possible, you need to contact a licensed rehabber for help.

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