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SoCal Bell-crowned Vireo-bler

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I took these pictures at the Tijuana River Valley Bird and Butterfly Center (south of San Diego) on April 24.  The two pictures are 15 minutes apart and there were a ton of birds going in and out of this particular tree, so it is very possible it is two different birds.  I don't have any other pictures.

Bird 1: 

I thought this might be a Bell's Vireo.  However, I have two concerns with that.  First, the bill looks too thin (but maybe that is just the angle).  Second, I though the Bell's subspecies near San Diego had almost no yellow and this bird looks yellow (but maybe that is just reflection from all the flowers). 

So then I was thinking it might be an immature Orange-crowned Warbler.   But the bill looks too long.  Maybe the tail is too long as well?

Bird 2:

I thought this might be a Nashville Warbler.  But maybe there is a hint of an eyeline.  So maybe also an OC?


Bird 1:



Bird 2:



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