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Unknown Audio - Meyersville, TX - 06/28/22

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Hello all!

Been a bit since my last post.  I may just be being absent-minded, but was excited to not recognize the attached audio.  I think it's a bird, and I should probably know which, but can't place it.  Extremely loud - similar to the decibel level of a Limpkin I would say.  No visual on the bird, but surely had to be within 100 yards...heard on the tail end of a long awaited rain event.  Any ideas would be appreciated.



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23 minutes ago, Aidan B said:

Sounds like one of the herons possibility. Not certain what to make of it. Maybe a Night-heron?

This was my leading best guess, but couldn't find a good audio file match on Merlin to go with it under BCNH nor YCNH, and Merlin didn't register the match either (they show as rare on Merlin but only uncommon on e-bird for my location).  Hopefully I'll get a visual on the bird the next time to confirm a solid ID either way.  Thanks for the sound advice as always!

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