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Anna's or Costa's

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5 minutes ago, Dan P said:

Taken on 6-30-2022 in Glenoaks Canyon, Glendale, CA

For a Calypte species, if the tail does not extend beyond the wingtips, does that mean it is a Costa's no matter what sex or age?



No, this is highly variable depending on posture. This is an Anna's based on plumage and structure.

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@DLecy, thanks for the info and the ID.

I understand that different camera perspectives and different postures of the bird can make the tail look longer or shorter with respect to the wings.  Attached is another photo of the same bird.  I think these photos clearly show that the tail is not longer than the wingtips in a perched position for this bird.  So I would take it that it means not all Anna's Hummingbirds have tails longer than the wingtips when perched -- and therefore not diagnostic for Anna's.


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