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New York in a few weeks


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In a few weeks I’ll be heading to NY(Rockland County and Long Island). I’m mostly going to visit family, but I can probably get a little birding in. I won’t be there for songbird migration, but hopefully can still find some good stuff. I don’t have many target species, I just want to get as many lifers as possible. My biggest target is Piping Plover. 

I used to live on Long Island(before I was a birder), so I know my way around the areas. I’m definitely going to try to hit up Nickerson Beach, but if anyone has any other suggestions I’d love to know. 



I won’t be on here during the trip much, but I’ll link a trip report when I leave. 

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Just to finished the first part of my trip, and that was the part with the least birding. So far I’ve gotten 6 lifers. I’ll start to get a little birding in in a few days, but in around a week I’ll get a ton more species as I’ll be staying on a good shorebird beach. 

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