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Belding's form of Savannah Sparrow?

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Could this (immediately below) be the Belding's form of Savannah Sparrow? It looks different from the Savannah Sparrow that forum members identified for me yesterday (bottom image). The Belding's form apparently frequents salt-water marshes in California, which would fit the location (Eden Landing Salt Marsh Reserve in the Bay area).

45881664091_8b5f0a8ddd_z.jpgSparrow by Mark Featherstone, on Flickr

31997427558_42fb09f90d_b.jpgSavannah Sparrow by Mark Featherstone, on Flickr

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Maybe. I'm not sure about the subspecies ID if either of these. They do look a little darker and more strongly marked (especially the first one), but I'm not sure. I have a bit of personal experience with Belding's and just don't know if the coloring is quite in range for that ssp here. 

Belding's are definitely found in California as you said, but they're rather localized. They're not widespread throughout the state, meaning you can't expect to have them generally. I can't pull up an eBird map now, but I'd like to know if the spot these were seen is a known Belding's spot. Savannah subspecies are often distinctive, but there can certainly be some ambiguity at other times.

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