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carolina wren

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So, I'm not EXACTLY asking for an ID on this bird... I TRIED to get photos of it because it did look a little different. But, it was in some brush where it wasn't well lit, so, eh... Carolina is all we have around here this time of year. About half an hour from here there's a cemetery that sometimes gets a bewick's(which I still haven't gotten) so the idea is not completely insane that I should be learning them better just in case.
Sometimes when I look at bewick's wren pictures, I get a little frustrated... overall color and then posture can make them look a LOT alike to me sometimes.
I need more than photos in a book to get better at distinguishing them.
This photo is poorly lit... the tail is up, sure looks long but, again... that's just how things are sometimes.
I don't suspect this is a bewick's...  but, I'd love some input on, with this poor a view, what would I be looking for specifically that would make it an easier ID for me?
Does that make sense?
I need to add bewick's to my list soon(you know, it's a NEED... new birds are always a need) and I don't want it to be something I overlook because I'm not prepared. Sometimes I wonder if I have run across some and didn't know.

To me, this looks more the reddish brown of a carolina... in the field, I didn't think it was reddish brown... something seemed off/different which is why I TRIED to get photos. This was the only one. Wish it was better.


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Just now, Charlie Spencer said:


5 minutes ago, millipede said:

I need more than photos in a book to get better at distinguishing them.

I actually already had that site and comparison open...  It can be pretty helpful at times. But some species......  I need a little more. 

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First off, your bird is a Carolina Wren. 

Bewick's have a have a gray belly, while Carolina have an orangish bellies,aAlso Bewick's is going to be in a more open grassy environment. The most obvious thing is there songs and calls, totally different from Carolina, and like most(all?) wrens they are making noise almost constantly, at least in the summer months. 

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