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Yellow legs but.... Part 2.

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Southern Ontario, mid-July, on the edge of a lagoon.

I suspect it must be one of the Yellowlegs but the overall color (should be gray?) and fairly white head are making me hesitate. This may be due to the early morning light.

Any guesses for the one behind would also be appreciated - it was an unproductive visit.


Yellowlegs EcoPark-7205555.jpg

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The bird in front is a Yellowlegs, but I'm having trouble deciding which one it is. :classic_unsure:

I'm going to guess Spotted Sandpiper for the bird in the background because of the orange beak and light supercilium.  Was it bobbing its tail up and down?  That would have been a good clue.

EDIT: akiley beat me!

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Much appreciated, so I guess it is the lighting.

Edit for Bird Nuts. Too long ago for my memory and I was concentrating on the Yellowlegs.

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