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Fall Migration 2022

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Finnaly getting more numbers of shorbs here (as well as a few other birds here and there)... saw a good amount of Least and Western Sandpipers, some Semipalmated Plovers, some Red-necked Phalaropes, and some Elegant Terns.

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On 8/10/2022 at 6:01 AM, Birds are cool said:

Tomorrow I am going to chase Wilsons Phalaropes, Black Necked Stilts and Avocets. The Phalaropes were not reported yesterday. Wish me luck

I got all of these birds and more! I found three more stilts, a dowitcher, 4 more Black Terns, and I found a couple Forsters Terns! All of these birds are rarities. 


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5 hours ago, Charlie Spencer said:

Birding buddies reported Spotted Sandpipers, Dunlin, Pied-billed Grebes, and Horned Larks in the county this weekend.  The larks are on my way home so I may take a peek.

Got 'em easy peasy, right where my buddy said they were yesterday, and three times as many.

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