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Miami mystery bird, small and black with yellow bill and orange legs

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My friend in Miami asked me if i could identify this bird that has come to her yard the past two days. She says it "feasts on the seeds on the ground" in her back yard and is "shiny black with yellow short beak & orange feet & a dash of white on the wings." It looks quite small compared to the Collared Dove in one photo. I checked my bird books and am not finding an ID that seems to fit. Not Starling, not Hill or Crested Mynah, right? Seems wrong for blackbirds and grackles. Can anyone help me figure this out for her? 

Miami bird 1.jpg

Miami bird 2.jpg

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Thanks for responding. When I told my friend to look at Blue Finch, she said, yes, that is indeed the bird. She hadn't realized how blue it was although she checked Indigo Bunting on her own but saw how the beak and feet didn't match what she was seeing. She agrees it must be a caged bird that escaped. Thanks so much for helping us figure this out.

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