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Oriole, Baltimore or Orchard?

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52 minutes ago, Charlie Spencer said:

Male House Finch

EDIT: Uh, never mind.

EDITED EDIT: Upon further review, I still like House Finch.  (I don't like the camera angle!)

I'm not happy with the angle either, however this bird is definitely bigger than the house finches I get on a regular basis.  Even taking the fluffy wet feathers into account.  When I get home I'll see if I can find a video of a house finch to compare.


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31 minutes ago, gpoole said:

I see what you mean about the general color but the male Orchard Oriole should have a black tail so my vote is for Baltimore.

Do immature Orchards have the black tail?  I'm not sure if it's to early for an immature bird or not.

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This bird is definitely a Oriole. Look at the bill, a house Finch would have the triangular bill. Orchard Orioles are not this color in any state of life. Adult imm. or juvenile. Baltimore Orioles can be this shade of orange. The link is to a male Baltimore Oriole. 


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