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8/5/2022 North Jetty Cape Disappointment State Park, WA, about halfway out from the beach area to the end of the jetty. There are loads of gulls out there, which is what I thought this was at a glance, but the bill is more inclined to loon. It looks awfully bulky to be a loon, but I've only ever seen Pacific Loons in WY, of all things, and none since I came out here to the WA/OR area, so maybe I'm just reading it wrong one way or the other. Other opinions appreciated! Thank you!




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Hmmm, Murre is possible, there was another out there, though....the stature seems different, or maybe just that I'm so used to them being hunkered down in the water. I wouldn't discount a Common Loon either, though the bill seems slim. Good ideas....

This was the one Common Murre I spotted out there as well.



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