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Birds from a recent Wyoming trip

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Hi - I could use some help identifying birds from a recent (August) trip to Wyoming's Wind River range. This includes three woodpeckers that I am having trouble distinguishing, one bird that I think I identified, and one that is puzzling me.


All seen between 8000' and 8500'. I've looked at various guides to telling them apart but overall am not sure. 

Bird A - I think this is a Hairy Woodpecker, based on the head, wings, and white body?

  P8020023.thumb.jpeg.ef7013d860f1b4d3beb252edbd04686a.jpeg P8020024.jpeg


Bird B - 



Bird C - not sure? Very similar to B, but body is spotted / barred.


Bird D - Western Tanager?

Also seen around 8500', on the ground in the forest.


Bird E -

No good ideas. Colors kind of remind me of a varied thrush, but the patterns don't fit. Seen around 12300', on rocks at a mountain pass.




Thanks for any help!

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