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Concern oneself not with numbers and rankings and scores and stats.  One species, one hundred species; they are all the same.  The birds are what matter.  Find the birds, list the birds; the numbers will align, or they will not.  See the birds; be the birds.

How's that load of pigeon guano?  :classic_dry:

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1 hour ago, IKLland said:

Not sure where to put this, but have you ever seen somebody with a county list of 528!?


But he doesn't have any in either South or North Carolina.  Poor guy.  :classic_laugh:

Seriously, first you have to live in a county with a minimum of 528 available species.  That's not many of us.  Second, it helps to have a career in the field and get paid to go birding, instead of having to bird around work and school schedules.

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