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Good morning, All.  I have outgrown my Nikon Monarchs 8X42 and I am looking for better bins, as it is now clear (pun possibly intended) to me that they are inadequate for serious birding.   I bought Hubby The Non-birder a pair of Zeiss 10X42 Terra EDs a few years back and have been using those and have tried out most of the other available brands at birding events.   I have an idea of what I want, but would like some personal reviews.  What bins do you all use and are you happy with them?   



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Boy, this is usually a hot topic.

My limited thoughts as an owner of Zeiss, Vortex, and Bushnell is that as far as the optics themselves go, there's little difference between each brand's corresponding models in the same class / price range.  If you're comfortable with 10x42, stick with that magnification. 

It's the ergonomics that make most of the difference.  If you're used to adjusting focus in a clockwise direction, a CCW brand will drive you nuts.  You may find differences in ease of diopter adjustment.  One may have lens covers or a case you prefer, or be noticeably lighter, or just feel better in your hands.

Beyond that, my only guidance is to stick with brands that offer an unlimited lifetime replacement warranty.  Most of the top brands do but double-check your finalists to be sure.

Give Hubby the Monarchs and take the Zeiss for yourself!

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