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Washington State Birds - Warbler and ?

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Saturday, August 14. First two are from an area called the Sawmill Creek Burn, about 4500' in elevation, an old burn area looking for woodpeckers and not finding, but these two birds were in with a bunch of Yellow-rumped Warblers. Other possibilities are Nashville and Orange-crowned.

The first one, behavior was different from Yellow-rumped. They were flitting around at the tops of the pines, and there was this one and maybe one other keeping to the leafier shrubs along the dirt road we were walking. Probably complicated in that I can't figure out if I'm looking at the under tail or not. If it's the top of the bird, then Yellow-rumped should be feasible, but it seems like the bird is sort of twisted around as it is picking in the bushes.


Second bird is at the top of the pines and flitting about, but doesn't seem to have the streaking I would expect on a younger Yellow-rumped. I'm not that familiar with Nashville, and the range of colors Orange-crowned come in...well, Orange-crowned vibe thanks to the eye line of sorts, but I thought I should rule out anything else.



Next photo is from August 16th, Bottle Beach State Park, WA. This spot you walk along the open water and you can also walk back along a sort of wooded and scrubby path. This was along the water/beach side, but in the trees. It struck me that it might be an immature Dark-eyed Junco, but again, I've only seen an immature once and realized it, and this LBB is so sort of standard parts of everything, any ideas would be appreciated. It was a pretty sizable bird, larger than a mature Junco, slightly smaller than a Robin, bulky.



Thank you in advance!

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44 minutes ago, Seanbirds said:

By the way, happy late birthday!!

Thank you! We celebrated by trying to do ourselves in hiking the entire Skyline Trail around Mt Rainier. 1700' foot elevation change, about 5.5 miles, uphill both ways, that's not even a joke. We went from 5400' to 7100' in elevation. Not too bad for a couple of mid-century folks, considering my husband had a stroke in 2011 and I had brain surgery in 2013 to get a shunt. It took us considerably longer than most folks I suppose, but we made it. And no, I never spotted any ptarmagin or Sooty Grouse. Ah, the lengths I go through to see a wild chicken....sigh.

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