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Berlin Birds

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Berlin, Germany, 1st week of November.  Thanks. 

1. Great Cormorant

44098098690_8dd253869f_c.jpguntitled-0161.jpg by jeffroscoe, on Flickr

2. Pretty sure this is a Great Tit, but the color seems a bit off to me. 

45001588805_781a21444d_c.jpguntitled-0199.jpg by jeffroscoe, on Flickr

3. Song Thrush, both. 

32042977388_a8d375e01f_c.jpguntitled-0062.jpg by jeffroscoe, on Flickr

32042978568_6eab02c20d_c.jpguntitled-0120.jpg by jeffroscoe, on Flickr

4. Don't know.  More bad pics if you follow the link.

45001581805_bf1037d774_c.jpguntitled-9999.jpg by jeffroscoe, on Flickr

44098088930_260c013435_c.jpguntitled-0012.jpg by jeffroscoe, on Flickr


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