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Audio Recording - WA State

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Saturday, August 14, in the Sawmill Creek Burn, about 4500' in elevation, an old burn area that is east of the Tacoma/Seattle area by a couple of hours.

I know this is a stretch, but I'm recording with an older iPhone, so I seem to pick up every creak we make but birds are distant, even with a limited amount of wind and movement. You will have to turn it up. I apologize in advance for the quality or outside noise.

The bird itself is distant, but it's an repeating chock chock chock chock chock call.

Initially I was thinking Townsend's Solitaire call but it seems to deep for that. It was coming from up a hillside with some dense scrub, fairly steep. I've heard male grouse but this seems not quite in line with that either.

Thanks for listening to my not quite Top 40 Pop Hit of the day, and appreciate the help!


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Thanks, yah, it's a tough one. I can hear it pretty well on the phone, but when I move it to the computer to share it loses that amplification. If I turn it way up and get my ear to the speaker, I can make it out. I didn't know if someone had better audio or earphones might be able to as well. Thanks for trying!

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Just now, Seanbirds said:

I'm hearing two things that could be birds here. Are you referring to the chippy stuff or the other "call" (if it's even a bird call at all) at the end?

Oh, I see now. Sorry I didn't bother to read the OP well enough I guess.

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