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Hawk has me stumped

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I always have a hard time identifying hawks, but I usually end up getting it right after searching through my books and online. This one has me stumped. I never got a look of the front of the bird. This photo was taken today in Minnesota. My inclination is a Red-shouldered.

8_20_2022 Hawk DSC_6351.jpg

8_20_2022 Hawk DSC_6361_Nik.jpg

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Hi, Ed honestly Broad-winged was my first guess, but I didnt see the front it, and  it seemed to be a bit too dark overall. I actually did see the photo you linked to when I was searching but the head feathers seemed so much lighter. But, that said the banding on the tail doesn't match a RS, and I didn't catch that at all. Thanks for the help.

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