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Gambel's Quail, where have they gone?

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Living in the Mojave Desert Gambel's Quail is a bird I see  every day. It is common to see new family's in Jul/Aug....but not this year, I have only seen One family the whole summer. In fact I have only seen one lonely Quail in the entire month of August. So.....where are they?  It is not like they can just move to a area since they can't fly more then about 50 foot at a time...What do you think?

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  • Chris Clem changed the title to Gambel's Quail, where have they gone?

I guess the the fact that they sometimes disappear is not that odd, but summer is the one time they are always around in large numbers. They would normally come to my waterhole every morning and every evening. It just seems that in a dry year (and it has been) they would stay close to the waterhole which is full all year long.

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