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Northwest Arkansas a couple days ago. I might be pushing the boundaries of how many photos I can upload at once, we'll see.

First a dark ibis. There were(according to reports) two there for days. Then someone had 4. Now they're gone. One person that went after my report worked hard, went back twice in the day just to try and confirm eye color. They reported seeing red around the eye on one bird. Nobody else seems to have been able to be certain so the reviewer has been telling everyone to put glossy/white-faced, even though white-faced is what's expected.(side note, when I put Merlin on my new phone, I only downloaded the Southeast pack and, it has glossy but not white-faced, ugh)  I think my birds will have to stay with the / and not be specified as I sure can't judge eye color in any of my photos. How I wish I had a mini blind to hide in so they would get closer. Oh well.






Peeps... everyone loves them.  I had a couple least that were obvious enough I left those out. (one was so close, I wanted to pick it up and hold it in the palm of my hand.)
semipalmated and western have been reported lately. There's a couple pics of two birds near a killdeer and the one on the right gives me a sanderling feel. When I looked in the guide, I noticed that this time of year the stints look a lot like the sanderling as well. Oh how these little shorebirds can frustrate. ack.
This first one, maybe just the camera showing something not true but looks like pinkish orangish legs... weird.











This one was too far for field ID but, sure gave me a good pectoral feel. I took a quick pic but sadly, BAD pose... not sure if it can be ID'd.

Oh, here's the two pics where the one on the right sort of looks like a sanderling... but I'm sure I'm wrong


The rest of these are all of one bird... most likely semipalmated plover but, man it's weird how a bird can look different at different angles. The mark around the neck isn't very thick and, in certain light is brown rather than black. Maybe a younger bird? The leg color is also lighter when the light is shining on it directly.


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