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Female Oriole - Houston city park 9-2-22

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I cannot determine if this is a female Orchard Oriole or female Baltimore Oriole. There appears to be some evidence of blackish smudge on head which would point to Baltimore (it may just be shadows). Definitely yellow in color. Note there was also a female Baltimore Oriole in same area, but it showed abundant orange coloration. I initially thought this was a female Orchard but something about shoulder coloration and wing bar positions made me consider perhaps immature Baltimore.  Both species moving through Houston currently. Any pointers would be appreciated.

Sorry about poor photos - we have been getting a lot of rain and overcast days here in Houston. Thank you!

2022.0902at.r.Oriole  Female.JPG

2022.0902aw.r.Oriole  Female.JPG

2022.0902ax.e.Oriole  Female.jpg

2022.0902az.r.Oriole  Female.JPG

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