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Finches (both goldfinch and Lesser) and warblers, how to tell them apart?

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In the first photo, the bird at the peanuts is a Pine Warbler.  There's also a House Finch and a Tufted Titmouse.


I'm not sure about the last two photos (orioles?), but none of these are either of the species of goldfinch expected in Austin.



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52 minutes ago, Charlie Spencer said:

I thought about Blackie but felt the head looked more Tufted.

The bird is looking away from the camera, which makes it difficult to ascertain crest shape and color. Also, juveniles of both species don't have any black on the crest. I personally wouldn't call it from this angle.

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Y'all are making this entirely too complicated. Basically every titmouse in the overlap range is a hybrid, there are no pure birds. Sure some birds can look more like one or the other, particularly as you go east/west in that range, but they are technically a hybrid. Many people are unaware of this, so they report them to eBird incorrectly as Black-crested or Tufted.

If @mrknobs, is really in Austin then this bird is a hybrid.

Except for a some birds on the edge, every bird in this rage shown here, should by default be considered a hybrid. 


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Yep, really in Austin! They'll probably soon pave over the beautiful wild area that all these animals come from and build more dense housing.  But for now, we get to see birds and deer and raccoons and foxes and armadillos and the two species of OWL we have.  

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