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Arizona Oriole?

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Hello! I noticed a group of these birds in the northern outskirts of Phoenix this morning. They gave a low, rapid chattering for the thirty minutes I watched them, and never stayed in one place long before flying a short distance. The group, of at least three, all shared the plumage of the one in the linked photos, and I saw one feeding a worm to another, so at least one seemed to be a fledgling. From looking in my guidebook, I suspect that they are female Hooded Orioles, but I have no experience in identifying this type of bird. If they are, is it unusual to see a migratory group without any males?


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7 hours ago, QuailFanatic said:

is it unusual to see a migratory group without any males?

I can't say with regard to Hooded Orioles, but in some species males and females do migrate at different times.  This is more common in the spring when the males go first to establish territories.

It's also common in the fall for adults to migrate earlier than the new generation.  Again, I can't say this applies specifically to Hoodeds.

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