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Vireo & Mystery bird - central NY 9/10/22

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Thanks all, not sure on the 2nd bird's size, I was thinking blackbird size, but could have been smaller (did see several Blackburnian Warblers in the area). I would think the white wing tips would be a good indicator, unless it was due to leucism?

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43 minutes ago, Charlie Spencer said:

Is that still possible?  I left that behind long ago, at least when bodily functions aren't involved.

Oh yeah, it's still possible. Like bodily functions, mis-IDs come with varying  degrees of embarrassment. Guessing the wrong ID while viewing dark photos on a cell phone might be comparable to a quite burp turning into a loud belch kind of embarrassment, something that's quickly forgotten, other mis-IDs can be real stinkers that linger with you for a long time. ?

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