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9 hours ago, ndgoodell said:

Hello - I am a new member and need some help.

Welcome to Whatbird, ndgoodell. I can't help with your ID, but there are others here that know their hummingbirds quite well and should be able to help you soon. If you get impatient, you could use the more popular North American ID Forum and ask for someone to have a look at your images here. The same people usually help with ID's in both forums, but this forum can get overlooked sometimes. No harm in drawing attention to your post here by asking for help there. By the way, great photos of the hummingbirds. :classic_smile:

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Thank to you both for your help. These photos were taken at Tandayapa Lodge in February. I had sent them an email a couple of weeks ago and they finally wrote me back. The images were not quite the same as I posted but they pretty much agreed with you all. Based on your and their responses I have:

1 of 2: Crowned Woodnymph (purple shoulder), Buff Tailed Coronet (on red flower), Fork Tailed Woodnymph

2 of 2: Green Crowned Brilliant (Blue throat patch), Collared Inca, Chestnut Bellied Coronet



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