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I went to a river that runs north.


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Had a nice trip last week at the Lano River, Drove down there Tuesday, and came back on Friday, I found several county rarities, and 9 of the 16 Vireos seen in the US. 


So a fun story, as a said in the title this river runs north, and anyone who has ever kayaked or canoed in Texas can tell you there is going to be a head wind. But this river is different because it is going north, so it is to your back, which is great! We made a 6 mile stretch in 4 hours with stopping to play in the water and eat a few times, and not working very hard at all. So it is a great spot to go, it is spring fed, so the water is clear, you have the wind to your back, good current, but nothing over a very easy class 2 rapid, a great spot right?

Well... Being the rational people we are, on the last day after me biking a few miles early that morning, and them me and my parents climbing a small mountain till noon, we decided to go upstream 4 miles. That is go south on the river, but upstream. So we went and had a strong head wind, with a pretty good current against us, and had to walk through several of the rapids. Took about 3 hours to make it to our goal - a 5-7 foot waterfall, with a 9 foot blue hole in front of it, with a surrounding ledge that makes a perfect seat about 18 inches under the water. A beautiful spot, well worth the effort, the scenery on the way up was beautiful, and the waterfall was great. Also it only took about 25 minutes to get back to the bridge were we put in, and that was not even having to work at it. 



I of course did numerus front flips, dives, etc. And yes, my feet are to gather by the time I hit the water. 


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