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I was looking for a LeCount`s Sparrow, that was seen on Saturday morning 11/17, at the Solis Hotel, near the airport, in Atlanta. I didn`t find that particular bird, but saw this one on Sunday 11/18, taking a dirt bath, or anting, about noon and haven`t been able to figure out what it is. There were lots of other sparrows and warblers, coming out of the brush, from an adjoining field, in back of the hotel, landing in these small trees and working the wet grass. 

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Thanks everyone, so much! I knew this was a new one on my life list, so I was very excited. I have a hard time with these little guys, so thanks again for your patience and the id, for the new guy! Sorry about the RAW file! Also, a 'new to me' camera and didn`t start thinking about a format issue, until 3am. 

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fyi....i take the picturs...large 5-10 MB) but not raw...then resize then using the Microsoft photo gallery.  That smaller pic i up load to flicker...free account to members of WhatBird or used to be. once on flicker i can import them back to WhatBird without a problem.....fingers crossed..but there are probably many ways to do this same thing


Edit...oh i have a Canon T3i but do not use RAW....have had the camera a while now but just have never seen the need for the pics I take....

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