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Warbler for Identification - Gujarat, India


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Need help to identify this warbler, I was told its a Sulphur Bellied warbler but I have doubts it's actually a Tickell's Leaf Warbler.


Sulphuer Bellied would have a much heavier beak also the Upper mandible would be black.


Thanks in Advance.


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I'm definitely not an expert- at all. I looked through some google images and looked at some comparison photos, and I'd lean Sulphur-bellied. The auricular is pretty dull, the supercilium contrasts with the throat, and I think that the morning light might be making the breast look brighter then in actuality. The bill is throwing me a bit, although their might be some darkness just at the edge of our vision in the photo, not sure if that ID feature is 100%, I know our Eastern and Western Wood-pewees are supposedly IDable by mandible colouration, but often it's unreliable.  

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