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Flycatcher (?) ID

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Saw this bird near Durango, CO on 9/19, on a ridge with Pinyon Pines, Junipers and Gambels Oak, 7,100' elevation.  The bird seemed to be a flycatcher, and appeared nearly identical to the image of the female Vermilion Flycatcher in the Nat Geo field guide, except that my bird had a yellow eye.  It was 5-6" long, medium grey on the back with a dark grey tail.  It's breast was light colored with broken vertical striping, possible light buff shading beneath the wings.  The primaries and secondaries were edged with white.  The head was rounded like many of the flycatchers but without a visible crest. There was a faint light supercilium, and the ear coverts were an indistinct brownish grey (definitely not a bushtit).  The beak was thin and dark, medium length.  The bird was perched on a stone wall and was turning its head and looking up as if looking for insects.  Ebird has a couple of records of the Vermilion Flycatcher around here, but this would be the extreme north of its range.  But that yellow eye... ?

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