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Downy or Hairy Woodpecker?

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oh dear....i would have supposed downy...the beak does not seem long enough in comparison with its head and the "forehead" is blunter..not as sloped as the Hairy. But on the other hand i do not see any dark bars or spots on the tail feathers.  Will also presume this was taken in Colorado...my guide says Rocky Mountain bird  have less spotting on the wings...as is the case here. But it says that for both hairy and downy..so no help there...mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

one thing i can be fairly sure of...smiling..it is female

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I think this is a Downy. The beak is too short in comparison to the head to be a Hairy. Plus it does not have the pronounced shoulder spur of black coming from between the neck and shoulder on to the chest that would indicate Hairy. The head is also quite rounded like a Downy where the Hairy's would be more elongated. It is a Downy.

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