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West Houston Egret ID help needed

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This morning I caught an egret flying over my garden. Please vies the attached photos.  I am a bit confused on this bird, at first I assumed it to be a Snowy Egret based on the yellow feet alone. On reviewing the photos I note that it also has brown on its neck, but on the sides, not on bottom as would be expected with a Cattle egret. The bill is also quite long and orange. Cattle egret should have a short bill and a Snowy should have a black bill. None fit. The wing primaries are not very white but more a dusty grey.  All the above appears to favor a Tricolored Egret. Can anyone conform this?

10,000 thanks in advance,



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10 minutes ago, IKLland said:

Is that YOUR photo?!!?

:classic_laugh::classic_laugh::classic_laugh::classic_laugh::classic_laugh::classic_laugh: ... :classic_laugh::classic_laugh: ... :classic_laugh: ... :classic_laugh: ... :classic_laugh: ...

Sorry, ... laughed, ... so hard ... I ran out of breath on that one...  No, I picked it because it best demonstrated the true colors under more 'normal' light.

This one is.  Lockwood Folly, Brunswick County, SE NC; June '21.  I saw my first Trike at this same location, although this bird isn't it.  I can't turn around over there without tripping over one.


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