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Open Tray feeding birds,major squirrel problem

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So many birds enjoy eating from the open trays i put on my balcony,and for me ,it's a great way to see them,but I have many squirrels that not only eat a lot of the food,but chase the birds off. Any ideas on discouraging squirrels?

Also, I used to use a variety of bird seeds,now with the high prices, thinking to just try and find one good type of seed mix,suggestions on what appeals to the most types of birds?


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@loonswan would you mind posting a photo of your balcony and the area where you normally place the feeder?  Maybe we can offer more informed suggestions.  If you have 'Wild Birds Unlimited' or other birding store nearby, show them the photos and ask for ideas.  I know plenty of ways to keep 'tree rats' away from feeders in a yard but have no experience with balconies.  You could consider replacing your tray feeder with a hopper-style that has anti-squirrel features.

@The Bird Nuts is dead on regarding seed.  If you only buy one bird food, black oil sunflower is the one with the widest appeal.  Avoid any mix with small round red seeds.  Those are milo and very few backyard birds eat it.  They're inexpensive to put in a mix so they reduce the price.  But birds will just toss them on the ground, so you're paying for something they won't eat.  (You know what does eat milo?  SQUIRRELS.)


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Baffles are the best... you could possibly place your trey feeder on a post with a baffle under it but you have to be careful that the squirrel couldn't leap directly up to trey jumping over or past the baffle.  I also agree the BOSS is the best seed by far.  It has almost doubled in price though.  i uses to pay 18 bucks for 40 lbs and now I'm paying 32 bucks for 40 lbs at Tractor Supply.  I'm not sure that it is cheaper anywhere else.   

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I know not very many people here may have accessed to these, but last time I checked Orscheln Farm & Home had the cheapest BOSS I could find. 

I'm sure they have gone up like everywhere else, but a few months ago, they were 7 dollars less a bag than Tractor Supply.


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