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is this a leaf bird?

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a Louisiana birds FB group, someone shared this photo... I zoomed/cropped a little but, kept their circle in the photo. They said there were two birds hopping around.
A group "expert" identified it as a female redstart.
Even on my phone I zoomed in and saw no bird... then on my laptop... zoomed way in... scanned the WHOLE pic... can find no bird.
What I see circled are leaves... with some of the fence showing through...
I stated I didn't see a bird and IF there was a bird there, it was unidentifiable...
They argued.
So, I cropped and zoomed to show them their own image.
Their response was to tell me that the bird has already been identified.
I argued back... I don't know why.  I don't think they care to hear anything. ? 

Am I blind?  Do you see a bird in this pic?



This next pic is still cropped but, not zoomed in. While I could be wrong, I imagine people looking on their phones and NOT zooming in and seeing some colors, trusting that it's actually a bird, and giving an ID.
Why don't people question things? And, why do they get SO defensive when someone else does?


Side note... I'm thinking WAY too much yellow for a female redstart, if that object were actually a bird.

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8 minutes ago, Birds are cool said:

Female American Redstart.

can you edit and outline where the bird is in the photo then?
When I zoom in, I see a lot of leaf... I see a lot of gray from the fence behind... and, yellow and black.
I zoom in and out and I do not see the shape of a bird in there.


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1 minute ago, millipede said:

I still say it's leaves.
or a bird colored in with highlighter...   man...  hmmm

I think the camera quality is making it look weird. I doubt someone would go through the trouble to try to fake a “common” sighting, though there are crazy people. I agree with redstart

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1 hour ago, millipede said:

I still say it's leaves.
or a bird colored in with highlighter...   man...  hmmm

I see exactly what the @The Bird Nuts drew so well. The head of the bird appears to be turned backward with the beak hidden under the edge of the wing. Just because one person can't see the image in 3D art doesn't mean that the people who can see it are imagining things. 

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