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I just purchased the the pro bundle package through apple.   Photo Sleuth was part of that purchase.   I does not appear that you can open sleuth while in Ibird Pro.  Indicates that there is a plug in.  Why does this not appear to work   Sleuth appears to work in stand along mode and not as a plug in.    Can you help   

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7 hours ago, EdwardMH said:

The iPad in app version of photo sleuth in iBird pro 12 is no longer installing, if we paid for it can we get a code to install the stand alone version if it works?



On 1/19/2021 at 9:03 AM, lonestranger said:

I'm not sure how many members in these forums can offer help with the iBird apps. I suggest using the Contact Us link from the iBird website and send a direct request for help from there. Hopefully that will help since there seems to be little support available from this website. 



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