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18 hours ago, Jerry Friedman said:

But an odd one, isn't it?  Washed-out patagial mark, more of a breast band than a belly band, very limited pale markings on the scapulars.  I wonder what the experts at the Red-tailed Hawks of the U.S. group on Facebook would say.

I asked them and here is the first response I received:

Brian Rusnica

The tawny color on the tops of the primaries there is the "pale crescent" field mark of a juvenile Red-shouldered Hawk.
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 Comments from Jerry Friedman and Brian Rusnica prompted me to do some further research. In the publication 'Hawks From Every Angle' there is a photograph (RS02) of a juvenile Eastern Red-shouldered Hawk with the pale comma-shaped wing panels and pale mottling along the upperwing coverts identical to the poster's images. As stated, the buffy colored crescents on top of the primaries have convinced me that this is a Red-shouldered. I learn so much here.

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I would have called this a Red-tailed and not thought twice about it. I would have expected a longer, almost Accipiter lengthed tail for a Red-shouldered. I'm not questioning the ID, just stating that I wouldn't have even considered another option than Red-tailed, especially with the red coming in on the tail. 

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