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No, not me, the birds. Well, okay, me too, but that's beside the point.

Taken today 10/3/2022 at Nehalem Bay State Park, OR, walking the Pacific beach from the parking area 2.5 miles south to the jetty and back. I was really there for the Pacific Golden-plovers, but I was scanning the surf as well. That yielded up some nice birds as my attention was drawn to a charter fishing boat out beyond the surf, and saw seven Red-necked Grebes, and then I spent a lot more time looking out. Hard to get looks or shots because about the time the eyes focus on something, a wave comes up and and obscures it from view. (Should be good practice for my first pelagic boat trip next week, yes?)

I've got these two shots, and I think I can rule out the grebes and move them into the loon category, but about the time I have myself talked into one loon I think of a trait that moves the needle back the other way. Of course, it looks like I've got two loons out there, so could be they are not the same, despite the whole birds of a feather thing.

It was a little foggy here, and I've cropped about as much as I can for distance and light without losing any more definition, but did nothing to enhance color or contrast.

The first one has a nicely delineated neck between front and back, and it looks like the bill is thicker.



This guy I am thinking Red-throated due to the white facial markings and slightly smaller, upturned bill.



But for all I can tell from way in on the beach, they could be the same bird, different angles.


Thanks all!

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