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1)  The forums are back!!!

2)  From June 6th of this year.  North Park Nature Center in Chicago.   I heard this bird for a while before I could track it down.  Moving around the canopy maybe 30 feet off the ground.  Vocalizing frequently.   The sound was 3 or 4 notes and then bzzzzz.   I thought I was hearing a dickcissel and that it was weird that it would be up in a tree.   The photos look like a female indigo bunting to me, but a female would not be vocalizing like this I don't think.   Any guidance?

42912524102_939aa7a50c_z.jpgDSC06631r by Mark Ross, on Flickr

28093084607_22bac663c4.jpgDSC06637r by Mark Ross, on Flickr

42060415765_c1f4ee4bb9.jpgDSC06633r by Mark Ross, on Flickr

42912524252_e72ee11926.jpgDSC06626r by Mark Ross, on Flickr

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