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Sharp-shinned perhaps

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A09432A9-3A97-4294-A94B-B79262EAC424.thumb.jpeg.9151fe817b945682aec3665d7252f98b.jpegPhoto Taken Wednesday, October 5, 2022, in Jim Wells County, South Texas.

This one caught a dove in my garden and promptly landed nearby with his catch.

I was so glad that I had my phone in hand.

Help in identifying this one would be awesome!

Happy Birding!






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Another consult said, “The head appears to be rather blocky and squared, the bill fairly large in relation to the head, and more importantly; the outer tail feathers appear to be shorter than the central tail feathers, the “graduated” look of Cooper’s Hawk. These are tough, but this one is likely Cooper’s.”. 

Thank you everyone!

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