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What bird (song)?

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Merlin couldn't come up with anything at all. Partial song in the beginning, then full song from about 7 to 9 sec. I think the bird singing was sparrow sized/shaped and from a distance I couldn't see any streaking on a pale underside. Flew off when truck past before I could grab the binocs. Any help appreciated! Today, 10/6 in Lehigh county, PA. Thanks!

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2 hours ago, KnotLisa said:

Great, thanks for that tip - here is the file converted to .mp3. Hope that works better for those having problems. Still not sure what bird it is, but the "wren quality" of the song is interesting. Thanks!

That one works! Thanks for converting it! It definitely sounds like a sparrow to me. Reminds me of a Field Sparrow in patterning, but sounds a bit more like a White-throated in tone to me. Do you remember it’s relative size?

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