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Awful awful pics of a black bird

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Heavy crop from ~200 feet out. In Austin day before T-day. 
Probably a RWBB, though its general impression feels off. The upper mandible looks longer than the lower; there seems to be a darker facial triangle; there's no discernible epaulet--even through my 8x42 binocs. Don't know what else it could be, though. 


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Thanks for your input everyone.  Blackburnian, what are your criteria for BRBB? Is it the general tubby shape?
I mean, it definitely occurred to me as well, given the uniform coloring, but the absence of the yellow eye made me doubt myself. I suppose if we're not too picky about whether we're looking at brown or black (and the "quality" of the image makes that a real issue) this could be a female. 

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