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Mexico Flycatcher

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I took these photos a few days ago at Monte Aban in Oaxaca, Mexico.  I'd been seeing flycatchers and as usual for me I was having a tough time figuring out what I was seeing.  Just prior to me taking these photos I turned on the Merlin Sound ID feature because I was hearing quite a bit of chatter from the brush.  I thought the Sound ID would help with IDing some of the flycatchers I was seeing.  I like the Sound ID feature, but I don't really trust it, for me it's a guide on what might be close to me.  In this case it wasn't very helpful as in a very short period of time it identified hearing a Dusky Flycatcher, a Least Flycatcher and a Hammond's Flycatcher.  The Merlin Photo ID feature identifies this bird as a Hammond's Flycatcher.  I'm pretty sure it isn't a Dusky, but it could be a Least.  I believe the Least Flycatcher would be a bit more common this time of year.  




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