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Can a woodpecker survive w/out a tail? Any way to help him?

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I have a little red bellied male in my yard who is quite tame. It appears he lost his tail feathers. I asked on another forum  and posted a pic, and they said he is an adult, just lost a tail. Is there anything I can do in my backyard to help him survive? He seems to know all the ways of an adult bird (caches food), hops around, eats food from ground, will eat things I give him.  He comes and goes most independently, except he can't fly.  I freak out every day I don't see him and worry he's too tame. I live in NY (Downstate) so we get quite miserably weather in winter, usually not brutal (but can get bad) and moderate snow.  Will this tail grow back?  I have a lot of other birds, including another male who now hangs around for the seeds and peanut suet I put out. I don't want him beating up my little friend. Any advice is welcome.

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Assuming all he's lost are his tail feathers and not actual flesh, then the feathers will grow back.  However, this may take some time.

Try these tips from our homepage:


You might try this site and see if there's a wildlife rescue shelter in your area.


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