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Hummingbird in Central Texas 78070 on 11/26/2018

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This is the same bird feeder in my backyard and the pic was taken on the same day as the previous pics.  I will not testify that this is the same bird.  I am a photographer.  I am not a birder.  The light was changing from morning shadow and overcast sky to afternoon sun and direct light.  This was the last pic I took.  The sun was below the horizon.  

The whatbird community suggested it might be rufous or Allen's or broad tail.  I do not propose an identification.  I supply the visual evidence collected by my Sony compact and my Canon EOS 70D in hopes that more experienced birders might attempt an identification.  Best of luck!

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The trouble with Allen's/Rufous identification is that the females/young males look identical,  except for a little notch on one tail feather. You pretty much have to be holding one in your hand to differentiate between the two species. It's one of the toughest identifications in North America.

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