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Making A Choice At The Drive Through


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Making A Choice At The Drive Through

This female has a nest about 50 yards into the woods from our pond that is next to the house. Last spring, she was abandoning her normal nocturnal habits as she had mouths to feed back at the nest ( We could hear what sounded like a couple of owlets). She would show up with an hour or two of daylight left and perch overlooking the pond.  I know where the hollowed out tree is where she has her nest but we have avoided the area to give her some privacy. We did not see her much over the summer months, but started seeing her again in Oct. She would show up right at dusk with very little shooting light left.

Our resident Barred Owl.






None of the above. The winning choice is muskrat.
The drake had to check out the commotion of the owl
dispatching the rat which took about 5 sec.
Stupid auto focus.



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Looks like your view of the drive thru is a lot different than the view of house sparrows I usually see at the drive thru. :classic_laugh:  Very cool to be able see that kind of behaviour up close and personal. While I hear the owls in my yard quite often, I have only caught a glimpse of a silhouette quickly flying out of site on one occasion. I'm like you, I suppose, when I know the owls are around I am afraid to go looking for them out of fear of chasing them off to someone else's backyard. :classic_unsure:

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