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These pics were taken June 2 at Rogers Reservoir  in Newmarket, Ontario. I am wondering if it is possible to determine this species of flycatcher?  I thought I heard a weird sounding ' chebek' call but no other vocalizations were heard, and I only really clued into what this sound could have been after I had seen the pics. I can see a yellow wash on the belly and throat, but I don't really see a bold eye ring and not sure if it is just the angles, so I was thinking but not sure if it could be a Yellow-bellied Flycatcher...? Or...? Your comments would be appreciated. Thank you. 





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If this bird was making a two-part, "chebeck" call, then that would make me "hmmmmmm" as well. To the best of my knowledge, Eastern Wood-pewee's don't do a "chebeck" call. Of the flycatchers that do a "chebeck" call, I would lean Least over Yellow-bellied on this one.

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This thread is two years old!  Anyway, akiley is correct that this is an Eastern Wood-Pewee - it has no eyering and the bill is too large and the primary projection is too long for both Least and Yellow-bellied among other things.  The yellowish wash on the throat and belly is a reflection of whatever is beneath it.  Maybe the call that was heard did not come from this particular bird.

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The dark smudges on the long under-tail coverts rule out Empidonax and identify the bird as a member of Contopus (the genus of pewees). The bird's large bill, and long primary projection, and specifics of the wing bars also point in that direction. Ruling out Olive-sided Flycatcher can be tricky with these photo angles. The tail looks a bit short to me for a wood-pewee, but the head does not seem to be notably large, which would rule out OSFL. An ID of Eastern Wood-Pewee may well be right.

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